Sit-rep Of The Playing Field

With the championships underway, and the Golden State Warriors celebrated their third NBA championship a few weeks ago after pummeling the Cleveland Cavaliers, there’s no doubt that the sportsbooks for 2018 has been stirred up.

Here’s a list of the statistics seen so far from Bovada;

  • Warriors +140
  • Houston Rockets +500
  • Los Angeles Lakers +500
  • Boston Celtics +550
  • Philadelphia 76ers +600
  • San Antonio Spurs +1800
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +2400
  • Miami Heat +5500
  • Toronto Raptors +6600
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +7500

With the Dubs winning yet another championship, you’d never believe the names who came out on top. As Game 4 of the NBA Finals came to an end, the Lakers’ odds dived from +1600 to +500. The Celtics had an improvement of +600 to +550, while the Rockets had +400 to +500, Sixers had +450 to +600 and Heat dropped a staggering +4000 to +5500.



The cavaliers had lost eight of their last nine final games against the warriors in NBA Finals. Lebron James may be due for a change after this tide of circumstances surrounding the team’s performance. With hot rumors of who King James will play for 2018 to 2019 has been spreading like wildfire after a collection of six to eight teams feeling lucky at getting a shot to snatch up the legendary player.



Cleveland carrying the highest payrolls in the league for next season may not have much to move around with for LeBron. At +2500, some of us may be talking a look at another team on the board.

What to expect for next season?

Only 11 franchises have won the NBA championships since the 80s’ and with the potential for a chaotic off-season switch up, now the top tier teams have a great chance of toppling Golden State.



Lakers having two max-contract slots with their salary cap and carrying around the slogan of “all in or nothing” could end up being the hardest working players of the summer.



Hardest thing to tell is what the Celtics have in mind for their roster with Jayson Tanum and the coming back of Gordon Hayward. General Manager Danny Ainge never shies away when it comes to topics on roster improvements and with his new gold mine, the upcoming NBA draft will be a wild but good one for the team this October if everything plays out correctly. As for the Celtics (+600), it should be interesting to see how their roster shakes out with the emergence of Jayson Tatum and the return of Gordon Hayward. GM Danny Ainge has never been shy about attempting to improve his roster and with his loot box of future draft picks, the upcoming NBA draft could paint a brighter picture for how this team will look come October. Boston looks in good shape to contend with how things are unfolding currently.